It Just Doesn't Add Up - What Science Says About Herd Immunity and Passports

The world was told that COVID19 vaccines would lead to reopening after lock-downs and restrictions that were supposed to last seven days. We were told there were no effective treatments for COVID19, and that the only options are to go home and wait to see if we get sick enough for emergency care. We were told that the US Government and Pharmaceutical companies found a vaccine that was over 95% effective. We're now told that vaccination will lead to some form of passport to society, as if passports will aid in the reduction of transmission of SARS-CoV-2 virus. Dr. Jack will review what Science actually says about lock-downs, treatments, and COVID19 vaccines, and give you key information that will help you communicate key points in the public square.

Date: Wednesday May 5 


4525 Stauffer Ave SE

Grand Rapids, MI 49508

Doors open at 5pm

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