IPAK Preprints

Many scientists have called for publication of preprints to increase openness in science[1].  As these are preprints, they can by new convention be considered by funding agencies and funding sources, but should not by convention appear as peer-reviewed citations.  Each of these preprints are either in review for publication (submitted) or are en route. 

Those noted "published" HAVE been peer reviewed and links to the publishing journals are provided.

Your feedback and questions are welcome, contact jim [at] ipaknowledge.org. 

Lyons-Weiler, J. [pre-print]. Systematic Review of Historical Epidemiologic Studies Influencing Public Health Policies on Vaccination [pdf, 2018] [supplementary material] (Review) Updated 10/8/2018, typo "+1" -> "+4" in abstract

Lyons-Weiler, J. [pre-print]. Assessment and Analysis of Morbidity and Mortality Rate Estimates from Vaccine Safety Databases, Corrected for Underreporting Bias. [pdf, 2018] (Database Review)

Lyons-Weiler, J. [published, 2018] Autism is an Acquired Cellular Detoxification Deficiency Syndrome with Heterogeneous Genetic Predisposition - Autism Open Access full text (Review)

Lyons-Weiler, J. and R. Ricketson [published, 2018] Reconsideration of the immunotherapeutic pediatric safe dose levels of aluminum - Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine an Biology full text  (Original Research Article)

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