2019 Key Initiatives

IPAK is bringing science to bear in public policy and health care practices with the following initiatives:

(1) The Vaxxed vs. Unvaxxed Study We are designing a study following the best practices of objective and ethical epidemiology.  We will publish our study design online prior to execution and will focus on measuring our ability to predict adverse events, not merely detect them. This is an effort in response to a grass-roots movement. 

(2) Waning Immunogenicity. We are calculating the effect of annual mutations in pathogens and vaccine-type isolates on vaccine efficacy to better understand outbreaks in highly vaccinated populations (collaboration)

(3) Aluminum toxicity under various vaccine schedules. We are estimating the amount of time a child spends experiencing a toxic load of aluminum under alternative vaccination schedules and the effects of genetic and environmental detoxification deficiency.

(4) Universal vs. Symptom-Based COVID19 Testing We are conducting cost/benefit analyses of the impact of University vs. Symptom-based testing for COVID19 to provide guidance to the public and policymakers..  

(5) Bring Science into the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.  IPAK is creating a resource for experts in the NVICP to rapidly and accurately bring science into vaccine injury cases.

The best way to support these key initiatives is a monthly donation.   Please visit our monthly donation page and join others who see that Science is a way forward.