IPAK Autoimmunity Fund


2020 GOAL US$2Million

Over 54% of Americans suffer from some form of chronic illness.  Autoimmunity disease is everywhere. The rates of these conditions have increased massively compared to the 1950s.  Autoimmune diabetes. Rheumatoid arthritis. Lupus. Asthma, allergic rhinitis and allergies, including food allergies and many other conditions that are known autoimmune conditions are dragging our society back into the doctor's office again, and again  Some are deadly: Asthma kills 45 people in the US each day.Allegedly, no one knows why these conditions are now so prevalent.  And the root cause of many of these conditions is usually reported as "unknown".

At IPAK, we focus on reducing pain and suffering through knowledge.  Science knows, for example, how to induce autoimmunity in mice and rates using aluminum hydroxide.  We at IPAK have determined that the per-body weight doses used to induce autoimmunity in mice overlap those experienced by children on the CDC''s recommended vaccination schedule.  Those doses are on top of and in addition to aluminum from food, water and air pollution.

Two areas of biomedical research have been dramatically underserved by established research priorities: 

(1) Preventing autoimmunity by limiting exposure to sources of known autoimmune-inducing substances in food, medicine and water, and

(2) Eliminating autoimmunity as much as possible by studying the effectiveness of inexpensive methods of reducing existing aluminum body burden.

Our goal in 2020 in to raise US$2Million to fund peer-reviewed research in these two areas following that highest standards of conduct of objective biomedical research science. The funds will be split between these two research agendas. Our aggregate funding strategy and our direction of the types of studies to be funded will ensure that the funded research conducted will rigorous and will withstand the productive and healthy scrutiny of objective peer review.

You are empowered to be a part of this incredible opportunity to set a path to make millions of people feel better.  Go the distance. Help us return objectivity to biomedical research.  Help make the world a more rational place.

The best way to support this research fund is via a monthly donation. If you already support IPAK, please also support this initiative with a separate donation. 

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