IPAK is raising funds to provide water filters to families in Pittsburgh while they wait for their lines to be replaced.

Brain health is all our responsibilities - and we all benefit from healthy brains!

Over 17,000 homes in Pittsburgh have lines that contain lead.  All funds donated to this project will be used specifically to purchase and distribute Zero water filters for these families.

Donate below by selecting quantity.  One $30 donation will protect the brains in one family. Corporate sponsors please email info@ipaknowledge.org

UPDATE! Zero Water® will be providing pitchers and filters at 1/2 cost to our program!

# Donations to date: 14 Family's brains will be saved.  Donate below to help a family today!

Dated started: May 7, 2018

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PWSA Continues to Exceed Federal Lead Threshold

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Free lead testing for your home's water