Neurodevelopment Research Reform is a community-driven initiative to which IPAK has responded.  From the community,  research prioritization in specific areas include:

"1. Treatment, Therapy and Prognosis would take care of priority number one, focusing on those already injured. Many people have anecdotal stories of improvement and recovery via various diets, supplements, and even medicines, but every time the pharma-run research teams do the science, it appears that nothing works! We know better, but we can only do better when someone is doing the unbiased research without profit motive to provide a justification for various protocols.

2. Specific Risk Biomarkers would protect those who haven’t been injured and those who have from further injury. We know genetics and environment play a role, but how, and which biomarkers can be used to identify individuals at increased risk? What can the most effective biomarkers say about the specific routes to injury in different people?

3. Differential and Integrative Diagnosis would show us which factors are key in developing autism. Let’s redirect the trend that would compartmentalize autism into a million “syndromes” and identify it and address it wherever it presents.

4. Predictive Medicine Analysis would allow us to identify all the factors that are causative to autism. By retroactively analyzing comprehensive and large data sets, we could then show how and when vaccines are a factor.

5. Implications for Medico-Education of Neurodevelopmentally Disabled (AKA "Neurodivergent") Americans  would look at all the elements that make a successful educational model and provide objective, scientifically sound data to inform actual education practices. This will rely heavily on the results of the first program. 6. Medical Education Vaccine Training Reform would ensure the full body of evidence on vaccine safety, efficacy, and adverse events was included in the required curriculum of all US accredited medical schools. Also, pediatricians would receive re-training in this. No more could they unilaterally say “vaccines are safe and effective” or “that was coincidence and isn’t related to the vaccine!”

7. Philosophy and Bioethics would work in all of the six above programs to ensure that the research is accomplished to the highest standards of ethics. While the consortium will be among the research teams submitting for federal monies (which IPAK will facilitate, but will not likely apply for), we can get the ball rolling now by donating to help fund the preliminary work and expenses to get this before the right people.

If we want this, we have to help make it happen."

You can help support this important research initiative w/a donation to IPAK.