Project 1. Neurofeedback Signature of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Efficacy

Working with medical hyperbaric oxygen therapy facilities, we are working to determine if quantitative electroencephalogram signals (brain waves) can be used to predict who will respond to hyperbaric oxygen therapy.  If you support medical HBOT, this research program is important because all future research on efficacy of HBOT may be improved by the marriage of individualized and hyperbaric medicine.

Project 2. Medical Hyperbaric Oxygen Mechanisms of Action Review

In 2018, IPAK will be finishing (with stellar collaborators) an important review of the mechanisms of action of FDA-approved applications of hyperbaric oxygen therapies.  We will also study and compare the mechanisms of pathogenesis of numerous FDA-approved and off-label applications of HBOT.  Overlap of mechanisms will point to likely fruitful areas of future translational research.

There is a surprisingly diverse number of applications, and a corresponding variety of specific mechanisms of action.

Your support will allow us to finish this major review, which will be submitted to a major translational research journal for publication when completed.