Spotlight: Our CEO/Director

Dr. James Lyons-Weiler is the founder and CEO of the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge, also known as IPAK. He is the author on 57 peer-reviewed publications, and has written and published three books, one on Ebola, another on Cures vs. Profits and a third on The Environmental and Genetic Causes of Autism". He, along with other scientists at IPAK, perform research in the public interest aimed at finding ways to reduce human suffering using funds donated from the public and that he raises at IPAK educational events. His latest research shows that US FDA has never issued a pediatric dose limit for aluminum that considers body weight, and finds that on the CDC schedule, infants are in aluminum toxicity 70% of their days, which is14 times more days that on an alternate schedule.  His research program is currently focused on aluminum toxicity, autoimmunity, and the differences in health outcomes between highly vaccinated and unvaccinated children.

Our study providing an estimate of a pediatric dose limit has people talking. Acute exposure and chronic retention of aluminum in three vaccine schedules and effects of genetic and environmental variation More research coming in 2020!

The Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge is a not-for-profit organization that exists to perform scientific research in the public interest. We use the principles and practices of scientific research to help individual researchers, research teams, consortia, and companies push their project through roadblocks, or map their way around them via evidence-based alternatives. We provide independent views and intellectual effort on scientific progress in three main areas:

  • Helping investigators in their efforts to reduce human pain & suffering through biomedical and related forms of scientific research.
  • Helping investigators increase their understanding of the universe using science as a way of knowing.
  • Educating the public in robust and reliable advances in medicine and science.

Our activities are varied, and include:

  • Conducting and publishing independent and objective nonpartisan analyses, studies, and research on legislative issues that impact public health and scientific progress in light of peer-reviewed and published scientific findings.
  • Providing support in many forms to endeavors that advance understanding via science (publications, consortia, conferences).
  • Providing support to progress in science in specific critical areas that are likely to reduce human pain and suffering - and we go the extra mile to help make those successes in translation happen.
  • Voicing informed opinions and issues on select government agency and court rulings, and actions and positions taken by other government agencies that influence healthcare practice and affect public health.

IPAK: Bringing knowledge & people together in the pursuit of successes in research via progressive science.

IPAK is a not-for-profit organization funded by private donations from the public.

To learn more about IPAK, write to us.

IPAK is registered as a Domestic Not-For-Profit Organizations in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We as in PHASE II of our application process for 501c3 status. You can help with your gift or donation!